When organisations use forms to gather customer details and other kinds of data, they often experience problems in collating information and integrating it with other computer applications. Many commercial and public sector companies now use Business Forms Processing as a direct replacement for their old manual data entry systems.

Our Processing service is provided either as a bureau service or as an installed system solution. Our bespoke software supports the automatic capture and management of information from forms. Forms are defined, scanned, interpreted, verified and the extracted data transferred to a host system. Checks for data integrity and verification are performed before sending the information to your chosen computer application.

What information can be processed?

  • ICR – Handwritten alpha and numeric characters
  • OCR – Machine printed alpha and numeric characters
  • OMR/MSR – Ticks, crosses and marks in boxes
  • Images – Forms and fields
  • Barcodes

Who can benefit and why?

The power and flexibility of our bespoke solution has the potential to be applied to any data capture process regardless of market sector. Wherever an organisation or individual is extracting and validating handwritten and machine-printed information, from paper, a Business Forms Processing solution can be applied. Benefits Include:

  • Increase to existing productivity whilst reducing processing costs
  • Increased data integrity/accuracy with information being more readily available for analysis and processing
  • Data can be integrated with management reporting, analysis and/or database tools
  • Document images can be retained removing the need for total hard copy storage

Provides organisations with a competitive edge


Unlimited Application Potential

Automatic data capture services and solutions can be applied to a variety of applications and can be considered wherever handwritten or machine printed information is currently being captured from paper. Example applications can include:


The data collected from forms can easily be passed to other applications including spreadsheets, databases, analysis applications and other management tools.

Images can be retained and indexed automatically using data collected from forms and passed to other applications for archive, retrieval or workflow type activities.

  • Questionnaires/Surveys/Application Forms/Census
  • Insurance Documents/PEPs/ISAs
  • Timesheets/Payroll/Accounting Activities
  • Health-check Forms/Self-certification Forms
  • Appraisal Documents
  • Production Quality Monitoring
  • Debt Collection/Recovery Documents
  • Examinations/Tests
  • Field Service Engineer Forms
  • Sales Contact record Sheet

Service and Solutions

We offer you total peace of mind with a comprehensive tailored service or solution. Select the level of involvement you have with system or solution implementation, set-up and processing. Some example services are listed below:

Bureau Services

Bureau Services

  • Form definition and set-up
  • Integration of 3rd party validation and database products
  • Customer build export file formatting
  • Electronic receipt of form images and or COLD data
  • Bulk mail-in and mail-out facilities
  • Image storage and indexing
  • Electronic transfer of export form data and image & index files
  • Client hardcopy data and files returned on client selected media
  • Complete project/Application management

On-site Solutions

On-site Solutions

  • On-site consultancy
  • System performance sizing and fine tuning
  • Form definition and set-up
  • System hardware and software installation & training
  • Integration of 3rd party validation/database products
  • Custom built  export file formatting
  • System & solution upgrade paths
  • Hardware and software support/contracts
  • Integration with existing client applications
  • Complimentary image storage and retrieval systems

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