Secure Box Services has a dedicated team of experienced racking and shelving specialists who offer a personal service working with your organisation to design and install an optimum storage solution.

Once the design is agreed, our Project Manager will work with your organisation throughout each phase of the process, to completion of the racking build. If there is no requirement to erect the racking in one go, the racking build can be phased and erected as the business requirements grow.

Secure Box Services uses qualified racking and shelving installers, together with high quality racking beams, uprights, timber decking and metal shelving components.

Contact us directly to discuss your racking and shelving needs and to obtain a quotation.

Things to Consider …

Initial consultancy is offered to fully understand your current and future business requirements for storage so that we at Secure Box Services are able to create a personalised storage solution.


Height & Space Restrictions


Assets to be stored


Project Phases
(if applicable)


Size Configuration


Retrieval Frequencies


Length of Retention

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